afghan earth works


We build in earth because it is cheap, it is traditional, and it creates lots of jobs. Many Afghans grew up in earth buildings. They are familiar with the advantages of the thermal mass of thick walls, making them cooler during hot days and warmer in cold nights. Often resettlement camps have been placed in out-of-the-way locations where even water is scarce and the only cheaply available building material is soil.

Our goals are simple. They are to create valued, decently paid jobs; to show how earth, the most readily available material, may be used to create comfortable buildings which their occupants will cherish and that they can repair themselves; and to teach updated construction methods so that the buildings are both durable in Afghanistan’s harsh climate, and safe in the earthquakes which periodically devastate parts of the country.


sustainable building for sustainable communities

Afghan Earth Works is a non-profit organization working at a variety of sites around Afghanistan.